Zumba Fitness® is a fusion of hypnotizing Latin and exotic world rhythms and easy to follow dance moves to keep you moving, smiling and having fun for an hour.  Zumba® is addictive and will give you long lasting results.  Zumba® Fitness is for all levels of fitness.
Come, burn up to 1000 calories in an hour and have fun doing it!

All classes with the Fitsmile team are pay as you go.

Check out our Zumba® Videos where you will find basic steps for Zumba® class. They are easy and if you feel nervous coming to the class for the first time – you can practice some steps at home and feel more comfortable.

But remember there is no right or wrong at Zumba® class, it’s all about fun and creating a disco atmosphere ?

So don’t wait any longer Join the Party!
with Fitsmile team

Fitsmile Zumba® Fun

Zumba® Class Teaching Videos

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