Physio- Trainers- How can we serve you?

Physio- Trainers- How can we serve you?

Today we talk about PHYSIO-TRAINERS.

Yes, we are fully qualified physio-trainers. But what does it actually mean?

We are trained and certified to assess your posture (just like physiotherapists does) and find any muscle imbalances, postural changes, causes of pain or discomfort, or even see if there is anything we can improve in you that will help in life, sports and health.

Please note – if you have serious injury, we would recommend you to go for a scan and refer to doctor or physio. But…if there is something that bothers you (muscle tension, limitation in range of movement, discomfort), or maybe u had injury and it was never fully taken care of, maybe your job is sedentary and you feel back pains, hip, ankle, shoulder pains – WE CAN HELP YOU and it takes just little effort and even less money, no need to pay every week to physio, we can teach you to take care of your problematic area and make sure those things don’t come back…


I have suffered with back pain since 2011; which has gotten progressively worse over the years. At certain points I was seeing a physiotherapist every week, sometimes twice a week when the pain was too bad. After taking classes with Marta and Alicja over the last year they were aware of both my abilities, and my limitations. They suggested the possibility that by strengthening certain muscles, there was the potential to reduce the amount of pain I was in. After checking my muscles and posture; Marta and Alicja identified certain muscle groups which were weak. From this, they gave me a set of daily exercises to do for several weeks in order to improve muscle tone. They kept in frequent contact; both giving encouragement, and advice when needed. After several weeks I noticed both; a decrease in the amount of pain I experienced, and an improvement in the length of time it took for my body to recover. This has been a major positive result for me. It has encouraged me to take the next step in improving my fitness; in the hopes of reducing my pain levels further. I have also been able to engage in activities which I would normally have avoided in the past, for fear of the pain it would cause. I would not hesitate to recommend Marta and Alicja to anyone looking for a potential avenue to manage or reduce pain. They are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Their classes are enjoyable and so full of energy.


I have struggled with a hip problem for a couple of years. It was really affecting my quality of life in many ways- I couldn’t go for long walks without a lot of pain, I needed to moderate most exercise classes to allow for the injury and I was in pain every day. I had a very limited range of motion in the joint also. Physio sessions had helped but I was still left with pain and weakness every day.

I went to Marta and Alicja for a full Biomechanical Assessment, and they immediately identified the problem. They gave me a comprehensive set of targeted exercises to do daily at home. Within a few days, the pain was greatly reduced and the range of mobility had hugely increased. Within a short space of time, I could feel the strength returning, and I was no longer in daily pain. Marta and Alicja monitored my progress regularly, updating and adding to my exercise programme as needed. The issue is under control now, and I rarely need to modify exercises. I joined the Fitsmile Running Club, which I couldn’t have done before their intervention. It has made the most unbelievable difference to me on a daily basis! I am currently training with Fitsmile for my first Half Marathon, something I never would have thought possible a year ago.

Marta and Alicja are highly professional experts in their field. They are experienced, extremely knowledgeable and skillful. I have benefited greatly from their thorough assessment process and accurate analysis. The programme they supplied and their professional follow up has treated and repaired my injury and I am so grateful for all their help!


I had been suffering for a few years with a recurring shoulder injury and then developed a compressed disc in my neck which affected the nerves down into my hand.  I received treatment for it, which improved it greatly.  However, I was still left with residual shoulder pain and less strength and mobility in my right shoulder and arm than in my left.  Marta and Alicja are Physio Trainers and did a Biomechanical Assessment for me.  They discovered that my right side from my shoulder to my hip was generally weaker than the other side and gave me a set of stretches and core strengthening exercises to do every day. Over the course of a few weeks the difference it made was unbelievable!  My shoulder strengthened up and the pain disappeared.  My mobility improved greatly too, which I was delighted with.  I went from having daily pain and discomfort in my shoulder to being pain-free and it is amazing… I would highly recommend Physio Training with Fitsmile for anyone who has an injury or weakness that needs work. They are extremely knowledgeable and so helpful and professional.


If you need more information or make an appointment please don’t hastiness to contact us.
Marta & ALicja
Fitsmile Team

And here are our two videos that will help you to reduce the lower back pains and also get ride off tension in your middle back.
Try even few minutes a day and you will fell huge difference.

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