Healthy eating tips by Fitsmile.

Healthy eating tips by Fitsmile.

In this post we will share with you tips and tricks for healthy eating and not only.

We are truly believe that everyone is individual and there is no special diet plan that will suits everyone. Depending on your daily activity, body type gender or if you are athlete, dance instructor, mother raising kids or working on construction side. We all have specific needs according to healthy diet. In this article you will find useful tips, guidelines that will help you to find your way and help you to understand better yourself and your body needs.

As you know we are very active people. We are Zumba, Fitness, Aqua Instructors, Personal Trainers and also athletes Marta- Triathlon, Alicja- windsurfing. Our job require s at lot of energy and as you can imagine a lot of food. To have strength to do both job and hobby’s we need proper nutrition.
Some people will say looking on us that we don’t eat anything, probably just salad, but it’s totally opposite. We are eating good quality food that combine all the healthy fats, proteins & carbohydrates, also all macro and micro nutrients. In our frigde you will find always colorful vegges, fruits & salads.
If you struggling with healthy diet and you tried everything already, start making simple and small changes. We create the list that may be helpful to reach your goal, doesn’t matter if it’s yours weight lost program, if you want to improve your health or you need more energy, those healthy habits would make your day.
And remember one step at the time. You will not change the gears in your car from 1 to 6 straight away. So take it slow, adopt and then start adding some new rule in your diet regime.
Below you will found tips:

What to avoid? What to reduce? What to improve?

  • Try to replace or even avoid white bread(substitute will be crisp Ryvita bread, brown whole grain bread or rice cakes- if you are bloated or have allergy reaction and you don’t know what causing a problem, bread will be first thing to remove from your diet).
  • Avoid crackers, they contain a lot of unnecessary fat, look for rice cakes instead.
  • Avoid all types of sweets – sweet bars: bounty, penguin, chocolate cake and biscuits…not useful calories and a lot of substances blocking fat loss and craving for more.
  • Read labels, processed food are not beneficial for a proper diet e.g., if making spaghetti bolognese you are better to do it from natural tomatoes or substitute from can, rather than from ready processed sauces.
  • Check the amount of saturated fat in the product (avoid high saturated levels)!
  • Drink a lot of still water- ideally  2 litres. (avoid fizzy drinks, avoid alcohol). Note – there is plenty of water in your food, it all counts, but  make sure you don’t dehydrate especially if you exercise.
  • Instead of chips try to have boiled potatoes or brown rice or couscous, groats.
  • If possible grill, steam or bake and not fry!  Reduce salt and sugar to minimum!
  • If feeling hungry in the evening you can eat something up to two hours before going asleep, anything light: eggs, yogurt, veggies, muesli.
  • Get more vegetables in your diet: carrots, beetroot, peppers, cucumber, etc…
  • Eat 3-5 times a day. Often but small portions.
  • Reduce dressings/sauces e.g., mayo, ketchup, sauces, vinegar – need to be reduced to minimum.
  • Look for organic food if possible.

Example Of Daily Food Plan

Breakfast And Supper Ideas:

  • Porridge with milk or yogurt or muesli
  • Scramble eggs or omelette with Ryvita bread or a slice of whole grain bread or veg salad
  • Cottage cheese with spring onion, plus rice cakes
  • Boiled eggs/poached eggs and salad
  • Flexed Muffin with yogurt
  • Bacon medallions or ham and mushrooms
  • Chicken salad (mixed salad, chicken, yogurt or small spoon of olive oil, spices)
  • Broccoli salad (hazelnuts, broccoli, tomatoes, yogurt)
  • Rice cakes with cottage cheese and jam, or almond butter spread
  • Smoothie from fresh or frozen fruits and avocado (banana, strawberry, orange, blueberries, etc… and yogurt or milk or polish buttermilk or kefir)

Lunch And Dinner Ideas:

  • Boiled potatoes, vegetables with no dressing, meat – low fat, no chips or mayo
  • Fish (salmon, cod) with brown rice or sweet potatoes and salad
  • Turkey filet with couscous and carrot salad
  • Chicken and rice, salad without dressing
  • Beef steak homemade with potatoes and salad
  • Chickpeas, cutlet with broccoli salad
  • Vegetable soup with chicken (easy to make – fresh or frozen vegetables, chicken, water, spices, boil for around 40 mins – ready to eat)
  • Beetroot with goats cheese (not too much goats cheese as it’s high in fat)
  • Vegetable risotto(mushrooms, carrots, fresh beetroots, garlic, zucchini)

    Orange Juice and Ginger SHOOT
    and Vegetable Risotto Lunch

    ginger root
    2 fresh carrots
    2 fresh beetroots
    2 cloves garlic
    1 zucchini
    fresh parsley
    salt, pepper

    1. Blend 1-2 oranges and add large piece of grated fresh ginger, leave in fridge to cool before the dinner.
    2. Boil rice.
    3. Spray the pan with olive oil and start preparing your mushrooms (pre washed, and cut for slices).
    4. Slice fresh carrots, beetroot, zucchini – add to mushrooms.
    5. Add spices – salt, pepper and fresh garlic. Leave grilling for 20-30 min approx.
    6. Add rice, stir, leave grilling for another 5 min.
    7. Serve with fresh parsley. And your shoot of juice 😉 enjoy

    Also check our nutrition and workout tab for more delicious and easy to make recipes.

    Good luck with your all goals just be patient and one step at the time.
    Hope you enjoy this post if you have any questions or suggestion about this article or you want to see more in area of  specific subject in our blog please contact us and we will be appreciate for your message.

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