Personal Training

What is Personal Training?

  • We are specialize in designing sport performance training to implementation of a year-round training program that is functional to the specific needs of the athlete (runners, cyclists, swimmers, windsurfers)
  • Our design programs focus on all the pillars of athleticism (balance, flexibility, muscular endurance, strength, speed, agility, power, conditioning, and core function) and are designed and properly progressed by highly qualified personal trainers and a nationally certified coach.

We are providing assessment, testing & monitoring the progress of the athlete:

  • Personal Evaluation – current/past injuries/ prevention according to specification of the athlete sport
  • Goal Setting – establish performance goals: 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, marathon, adventure race, duathlon, triathlon: sprint, olympic, 70.3, full Ironman distance
  • Instruction to Warm Ups, drills, exercise routines, mobility drills
  • Completion of Performance Tests – power, agility, speed, endurance, flexibility & mobility

Our Fitsmile App to provide highly individual weekly training plan via app:

  • feedback anytime
  • plan changes anytime
  • welcome pack
  • testing & exercise design for individual needs
  • monthly personal consultation via: WhatsApp or Skype
  • Garmin connect/ Strava analysis

We provide sport specific nutrition guidelines:

  • individual nutrition analysis
  • before, during, after competition plan
  • individual design pre & post training sessions meals
  • nutrition plan design to your body and sport specification needs
  • individual hydration needs and implementation
  • monthly personal consultation via: WhatsApp or Skype

Meet our Team:

Marta Godlewska                                                             

Hi. My name is Marta.
My passion for sport started when I was young: from skateboarding, roller-skating, mountain biking, hiking, mountain running, swimming, snowboarding, iceskating and more.. My parents never could keep me sitting still – I was always outdoors climbing trees or collecting new bruises chasing each other with friends.
I’m 36 years old now and my passion to move progressed into teaching others. I’m hooked in spreading love to active lifestyle and showing people that barriers are only in our heads. When we commit to something and we believe in ourselves even a little, it’s a huge start.. and always ends up with great success and a big smile.
From the last 3 years I specialise in Triathlon training. I simply chose this sport because it is complex and it requires not only having knowledge on the 3 sports (swimming, biking, running) but also perfecting your race nutrition, the mental side, knowing the secrets of staying injury free when the load is greater and learning to rest for well balanced training. Triathlon requires having them all trained as much as the physical side of training. I love nailing all the small elements of it and I’m sure you will get hooked too…

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Alicja Fedor

I was active all my life and don’t imagine my life without sport, fitness & adventure.
I have started my journey with Karting- small racing cars, as a small girl I was competing with boys, taking part in regional & national championships.
My second & third love was football  & then basketball. I was playing in high school and university as a play-maker. Being part of the team in university championships.
I absolutely fell in love in windsurfing in high school and it’s my passion since then.
I’m current women Irish Champion in Windsurfing Slalom in Master category-  Energia Irish Windsurfing Downings Event 2017, 2018 & 2019.
I followed my instinct and knowing that movement & sport is my destiny I have finished my University and became a Physical Education Teacher, worked in school for a year and then moved to Ireland.
I finished with first class honours my Leisure instructor course in University of Limerick and since then I never stop educating myself. I’m absolutely fascinated with human body and how it works. We are such amazing machines designed to move, perform and to explore our planet.
I believe that everyone has this in themselves, reason and passion to move and be active. I’m always trying to challenge myself and I’m not afraid to try something new.
I’m starting my journey with running and who knows maybe triathlon in nearest future.
My mission is to motivate & inspire others that they can live without limitation and that they can do whatever they imagine. We are creating those fears and doubts in our heads and only we can face them…

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