Today we have huge pleasure to be here in the Tallagh and be able to speak to Cindy O’ Connor- The Clinical Director at Pieta House in Ireland.
Pieta House provides a free, therapeutic approach to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm. 
Guys we are honored and so happy. We relay wanted to bring the subject to our talks for a while now. We truly believe that being for each other, listening and supporting can make a huge change in many lives.

Pieta House is incredible place and it’s mission is tremendous. 
We all can learn something today and maybe lift our spirits, or be closer to each other, share the feeling we have, look for solutions when having a problems, and most of all not be afraid to talk about it.
We bring the subject of:
– Pieta House and it’s mission,
– Self harming, depression, suicide and awareness,
– Support, finding a way to feel better and support each other in hard times,
– Social media and how to take whats good in it but avoid the danger,
– We talk about being for each other and remembering that non of us is alone,
– We talk about how to get in touch with Pieta & great team of people that are waiting to listen and support every one of us 24/7.

Pieta House web page:

24/7 line:
1800 247 247

Darkness Into Light 2019- get involved:

EP006 – Edyta Bartejczuk Wolak- How To Become Business Woman?

Tony Clark once said:

Our guest today is Edyta Bartejczuk-Wolak – owner and CEO of ProFi Fitness School in Ireland & Spain. Personal Trainer, Fitness Professional and also business woman.

In duration of our interview Edyta will be telling her story in fitness and wellness. She will share tips how to grow your business, how to deal with everyday problems and make decisions. How to find courage in you and take step towards your dream goals.

Guys it’s this episode is not only for fitness enthusiasts but anyone who looking for inspiration, motivation, sign to change something in your life.
Now seat back and enjoy this amazing episode 🙂

If you would like to get to know more about Edyta or get in touch with her, please look her up at:

Edyta Bartejczuk Wolak

”Everyone is a hero and can inspire others.”
”If it scares you It’s a sign you need to do it.”

Some Questions we Asked:
What is inspiration? What is motivation? Where to look for inspiration and motivation? How to stay hungry to do what we love?
Why we should we connect to “crazy” people around us?
Why do we are stress before big events, races, performance on the stage?

We are talking about inspiring people, movies, books, podcast and much more, so stay tuned, relax and enjoy this episode:)

Podcast notes:
3:50 Lewis Howes ” The School of Greatness”- podcast
5:26 Chrissie Wellington ”A Life Without Limits: A World Champion’s Journey”- book
7:05 ”The Help”- 2011 by Tate Taylor
9:55 Iron nun- Madonna Buder 88 years old
10:45 Kathrine Switzer – First Woman to Enter the Boston Marathon 1972

EP 004- Lesley Dempsey- How to live fulfilled, happy & balanced life?
Simon Sinek once said:

Our guest today is Lesley Dempsey – owner of Fusion Elite Health & Fitness in Carlow, Ireland. Our teacher, motivator and great inspiration.

In duration of our interview Lesley will be telling her story in fitness and wellness. Her secrets on drive and motivation to everyday actions in life and at work. Speaking about balance and finding your chi energy – own way of relaxing. About making hard decisions in life. Also answering the question on how to deal with other people’s opinion and how to trust your own gut?
We get to know what beautiful meaning have animals in her life and how she helps them to be healthy and strong.
At the very end Lesley shares some secrets about herself that no one knew before… 🙂 and answers the question on “How to live fulfilled life?”

If you would like to get to know more about Lesley or get in touch with her for classes, treatments and more, please look her up at:
Fusion Elite Health and Fitness.

Now seat back and enjoy this amazing episode 🙂

EP 003- Exercising
When we think of exercising we can be happy, scared, excited, and terrified – we might do it for fun, for the amazing feeling of achievement, for the incredible journey – all ups and downs that go with it, we can do it for somebody or just for ourselves…
No matter what is it that bring the fire in you, look for it, make sure find what you love, have great time with it and then look for more.. feed your body and soul with endorphins and never stop to challenge yourself even a little. We know – you are going to find the fire in you and you are and going to write another chapter for your amazing book of life!

EP 002- Setting Up The Goal.
Sometimes its hard to say yes, but don’t wait for perfect time as it might never come, just do it, do it now, and be proud of your achievements!
In this episode you can find tips and tricks how to stay motivated and reach your goal. How other can help you to stay focused. Why occasional hiccups are not end of the world. And why to do it now not later?

EP 001- Our Journey To Fitsmile.
“Once upon a time we have decided to make a big decision. Left jobs, packed the bags, left our family homes, and started very new chapter of our life in the beautiful green Ireland….” story of changes, occasional risks, passion, following the dreams and reaching the goals. Hope u will enjoy it 🙂