Rip 60 Recommendation

I’ve been doing Rip60 for just over a yr ,and i must say its the best thing i ever started. now don’t get me wrong its hard at times ,and on many occasions i felt i couldn’t do it/but Marta and Alicja are great motivators and push you to do your best . Now i love going and it is always changing with different challenges set on a regular basis which means it never gets boring.

◊Patricia Moynan


I’ve been doing rip60 for a good while now. Fitsmile (Marta and Alicja) are fantastic instructors & I feel I’m getting stronger each week with theirs and rip60 help!go on try it don’t be afraid if I can do it anyone can!!

◊Fiona Bailey

I’ve been doing rip:60 for a year and a half now with Fitsmile. The difference it has made to my fitness and energy is amazing. It’s brilliant for toning up, and while it’s a tough workout it’s really addictive. Marta and Alicja are excellent instructors and are so knowledgeable about what exercises will suit you, no matter what your fitness level or any injuries you might need to work around. Don’t be afraid to try it!
◊Geraldine Arnold

Rip 60 is addictive, the first few classes are hard, but no pain no gain. After a few months you won’t believe the difference to your fitness.
◊Deirdre Pierce- McDonnell

Brilliant class well worth it. Great instructors great workout great people, and great results.
◊Marie Davin

Since I started Rip60 with Martha & Alicja a year & half ago I have reached the same fitness level I had in my 20’s. Rip60 builds your core strength & tones all over, it also helps me focus mentally and reach my goals each time, it is a challenging workout with excellent results and never gets boring as the girls always set new challenges which I love. I am toned, fit and happy with myself what more could I ask for 🙂 Highly recommend RIP60 with Fitsmile fantastic fitness instructors & healthy living advisers.
◊Deirdre Dee Sweeney

Brilliant class, great encouraging instructors and a good mix of different people in class. Highly recommend. It’s hard but worth it.
◊Keith Monahan