F30 Functional Training

Functional training with Fitsmile
Functional training (or functional conditioning) is training for life.
The goal of functional training is make the activities of daily life easier to execute by performing work against resistance. The result of a good functional training program is increased neuromuscular efficiency, coordination, and strength, as well as decreased risk of injury.
Functional training focuses on strengthening one’s core, as both the centre of power and movement for the body, and also on creating a stable foundation from the feet up through the body.
Compound movements move the body in multiple planes of motion rather than isolated joints and single planes of motion. Exercisers will push and pull while moving up, down, side to side, all while working on flexibility, core engagement, strength, balance, and power.
F30 Functioning training class with Fitsmile are design for all fitness level and age groups. Join us for better quality of live.

NEW FITNESS CLASS in the schedule starting from 5th of November
every Saturday 9:15am 
@ The Mill, Celbridge (ATTIC STUDIO)

– fantastic way to start working on your STRENGTH or get back to routine after the break
– great class for those who would like to STEP UP with training
– fantastic for runners, cyclists, swimmers, team sports – there is no better OFF SEASON training than this
FULL RANGE OF MOTION means we use your joints if full spectrum and in the same time we reverse changes that happens to us due to poor life habits, large training volumes or work/life routines
– suspension straps, body weight, and technique drills
– class for everyone, with huge benefits in life, sport and performance!

Don’t miss out!!!
No need to sign up, just pop in and pay as you go – 10€.