Fitsmile Transformations

Check out the amazing changes some of our clients have made during the time we’ve worked together!We are so proud of all of them!


Few messages from our transformation people:

When I decided to do my first Fitsmile Challenge I didn’t really know what to expect from it. Marta and Alicja provided everything I needed in order to achieve my goals. They taught me how healthy diet along with exercise can help you achieve great results. Results I never thought I could have accomplished.
Marta and Alicja motivate and encourage you all the way. Their Rip 60 classes are a great workout with fantastic results. Challenges are hard but when you feel and see the benefits it makes it all worthwhile.
I continue on my fitness journey with Marta and Alicja setting new goals all the time and look forward to seeing what I can achieve.
I would recommend the challenges to everyone whatever your goal may be. If you have the determination and drive then the girls will provide the tools to help you.
→ Hugh

I love the Fitsmile Transformation challenges! They help me to stay much more focused and once you decide your goal at the beginning, Marta and Alicja are behind you 100% to help you achieve it. The recipes, dietary advice and workout calendars are fantastic. While I generally have a very healthy diet, I do let things slide a little bit at times, but the challenges always get me back on track. Having measurements taken at the beginning and end of the challenge is always a great motivation to keep going with it too! There’s a great sense of teamwork with everyone else who is taking part in the challenge, and the Rip:60 classes are hard work but so rewarding – it’s absolutely worth it. So if you’re wondering whether to sign up for the next challenge, go for it, they definitely work once you do!

I have to say i love and look forward to every Fitsmile challenge. As a person who all her life has been afraid of the word “Challenge” i now look forward to the next one as soon as i finish the last one.
Although, I generally have a healthy lifestyle, thanks to the Fitsmile team. I find the challenges get you back on track and keep you focused. The healthy recipes and diet advice provided on “The Goal Page” help you to explore new healthy recipes keeping your diet exciting. I personally like measurements before and after as it really allow you to see what you have achieved. Challenges are hard work but we all work together motivating and helping each other along. Marta and Alicja are with you all the way no matter what your goal is. They provide diet advice, recipes, workout calendars, measurements as well as fantastic Rip 60 classes everything you need to achieve your goal. I can’t thank them enough. I have spent my life struggling with my weight and since i met Marta and Alicja the Fitsmile Team I have achieved things i only ever dreamed off. They have made a self-confessed couch potato fall in love with health and fitness and the love affair continues.
Go on set your goal and with the help of the Fitsmile Team you will smash it!

Making the decision to get fit and lose weight seemed difficult for me at first but when I met Marta and Alicja of Fitsmile, they not only made it sound achievable but actually inspired you to change your life and not just temporarily but forever. With their help, support, knowledge and wisdom, they empower you to take control of your life. Having lost two stone (so far) and built up a level of fitness I actually have never had before, is proof positive Fitsmile works, jeepers it works!

We all have goals to achieve/challenges to face/changes we would like for ourselves, whether it’s to lose weight, challenge yourself with tough exercises, or to just be fitter in general. The Fitsmile transformation ticks all of the boxes. I have signed up for most of the Fitsmile Transformations and as my body changed with each challenge so did my goals. Not only did Alicja and Marta encourage us every single day to stay strong and keep going, they also provided us with endless support (in and out of classes), diet tips, additional exercises for at home. The results of their dedication to you and your hard work during the Fitsmile Transformation speak for themselves. I would encourage anybody who is interested in giving something like this a try to sign up for the Fitsmile Transformation.

I loved this years Fitsmile Summer Challenge! It helped me to refocus and learn a better lifestyle. I find loosing weight very difficult due to various allergies and other health issues but Marta and Alicja were with me through it all, the highs and the lows.
They provided me with a easy to follow healthy menus, if there was something I couldn’t eat they would research and find me equal alternative! They also were available with advice and some fun homework exercises! There was a great sense of support and teamwork  with everyone taking part in the Rip 60 and bootcamp, these classes were tough but when you finish you feel like your on top of the world especially if you got that one extra pike or managed to stay on a balance ball on your own! Along with the girls encouragement and small wins like these that make it worth it and push you forward to success! If you are unsure about doing a challenge stop thinking and do it!  Im at start of a long journey but I know with Marta and Alicja’s support I will reach my goals and If I can do it you can too!

I have done three Challenges with Fitsmile and have learned so much from each of them. From setting achievable goals, to learning about optimum nutrition for fitness, Marta and Alicja are highly skilled practitioners. They are supportive, enthusiastic and generous with their time and expertise. Each challenge has a different focus, but within the frame of the challenge each person works with Marta and Alicja towards their personal health and fitness goals. The sense of teamwork and support among all the participants in the challenges is very special and really motivates everyone.  I have achieved so much and become fitter, stronger and healthier with each challenge I have done. Marta and Alicja have inspired me to make changes in my life and that of my family, changes that we are all benefiting from in the long term.


I have been with the lovely Fitsmile ladies since they first launched Fitsmile,I always get such a good buzz of energy, support, enthusiasm & fun from Marta & Alicja….I world highly recommend getting your fitness fix from Fitsmile in 2017,you’re missing out otherwise;)


Looking at my results I’m feeling so proud of myself, well worth the effort.
A very good challenge makes you focused and determined to get to your personal goal.


Whether you want to lose weight, stay on track, improve fitness or simply learn more about health & nutrition the Fitsmile Challenges are a great kick start. They cater for everybody individual needs and goals with the expert advice from the wonderful Marta & Alicja.