Food & exercise


What to avoid? What to reduce? What to improve?

1)      Try to replace white bread with crisp bread, brown whole grain bread or rice cakes.

2)      Avoid crackers, they contain a lot of unnecessary fat, look for rice cakes instead.

3)      Avoid all types of sweets – sweet bars: bounty, penguin, chocolate cake, and biscuits…not useful calories and a lot of substances          blocking fat lose.

4)      Read labels, more processed food – worse for proper diet, f.e. if doing spaghetti better to do it from natural tomatoes or  from can          than from ready processed dressing.

5)      Check amount of saturated fat in your product (avoid high saturated levels)!

6)      Drink a lot of still water- ideally  2l. (avoid fizzy drinks, avoid alcohol). Note – there is plenty of water in your food, it all counts, but         make sure you won’t dehydrate especially if you exercise.

7)      Instead of chips try to have boiled potatoes or brown rice or couscous.

8)      If possible cook not fry!  Reduce salt and sugar to minimum!

9)      If feeling hungry in the evening you can eat something up to two hours before going asleep, anything light: egg, yogurt, veggies,           muesli…

10)   Get more vegetables in your diet: carrots, beetroot, peppers, cucumber, etc…

11)   Eat 4-6 times a day. Often but small portions.

12)   Reduce coleslaw, and if possible mayo, ketchup, sauces, vinegar – need to be reduced to minimum.

13)   Look for organic food if possible.



–          Porridge with low fat milk or yogurt / or muesli

–          Scramble eggs or omelette with ryvita bread or slice of whole grain bread

–          Cottage cheese with spring onion, plus rice cakes

–          Boiled eggs / pouched eggs and salad

–          Low fat bacon or ham and brown rice

–          Chicken salad (mixed salad, chicken, low fat yogurt or small spoon of olive oil, spices)

–          Broccoli salad (hazelnuts, broccoli, tomatoes, low fat yogurt)

–          Rice cakes with cottage cheese and jam, or peanut butter spread (almonds would be one of best)

–          Smoothie or cocktail from fresh fruits (banana, strawberry, orange, blueberries, etc… and yogurt or milk or polish buttermilk)


–          boiled potatoes, vegetables with no dressing, meat – low fat, no chips or mayo

–          fish (salmon, cod) with brown rice or sweet potatoes

–          turkey filet with cuscus and carrot salad

–          chicken and rice, salad without dressing

–          beef steak homemade with potatoes and salad

–          chickpeas  cutlet with broccoli salad

–          vegetable soup with chicken (easy to make – fresh or frozen vegetables, chicken, water, spices, boil around 40min ready to eat)

–          beetroot with goat cheese (not too much goat cheese as it’s high in fat)